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Popok Lab

Popok Lab is an animation school founded by the same people who started Popok Animation studio.

Since its foundation in 2021, Popok Lab stands out for its unique offering – it is tuition-free for the residents of Armenia! 

We believe in providing equal opportunities for aspiring animators, regardless of financial constraints. Through our tuition-free model, we ensure that talented individuals have access to high-quality animation education without the burden of tuition fees.

Our admission process also reflects our commitment to inclusivity. We look for passionate individuals with a genuine interest in animation, regardless of their previous educational or professional background or their age.

Popok Lab follows a highly selective interview-based process. We believe in ensuring that only the most talented and dedicated individuals are accepted into our program.

We go the extra mile to support our graduates by offering employment opportunities within Popok Animation studio. We believe in the talent and potential of our students, and by hiring them after graduation, we ensure a seamless transition into the professional world.